Qoute from The EMT Spot

"There is a patient out there who is on a collision course with your skills. They don't know you yet. You've never met them either. They have no idea that they are going to meet you in the future, but the day they do, they will test you." From The EMT Spot

Sunday, July 4, 2010


I am at the point in training where we have started to study cardiology(hence the title of the post) and once again find myself surprised by how even  what a simple thing like a sinus rhythm can be both more complex and tell you far more than just a simple heart rate. I am truly amazed at how intricate the functions of the body are and yet simple in other ways. I am also amazed by how complex a simple thing like a heartbeat can be! There are five different parts to the heartbeat; a P, Q,R,S and T wave and any and all of them tell you something different about the heart and how it is functioning. The human body is an amazing thing but it sure can go wrong in many different ways! Take care of your heart, it is a truly amazing organ! :)