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"There is a patient out there who is on a collision course with your skills. They don't know you yet. You've never met them either. They have no idea that they are going to meet you in the future, but the day they do, they will test you." From The EMT Spot

Monday, January 17, 2011

St Marie's Will Help Me to Be A Better Paramedic

I recently took a weekend trip to New Hampshire and found something out about being a paramedic I didn't expect and it came from an unlikely source. My wife has always talked about how pretty the church is by where my stepdaughter lives and I finally got a chance to see the church for myself. It was everything she said it was and more, it is an old church built in the 1890's and has been very well maintained. The sermon was rather good and the priest talked about humility and how Christ did allowed himself to be baptized because his Father willed it. The priest then asked an interesting question; "What areas of your life require you to do things that you think are unnecessary so you find doing them difficult? If Christ can humble himself to be baptized, can you humble yourself to do whatever it is in your life? I then began to think about how to apply this to myself and immediately began to think about medic class and came to some conclusions. I have come to the realization that in many ways I am not the kind of student I should be, I am impatient and not always willing to do the work necessary to be the kind of paramedic that I want to be. That is my biggest struggle right now, not wanting to take the small steps now so that bigger steps can be safer later. My last few posts have been about how the class has frustrated me because I have been tripped up by seemingly small things that shouldn't matter once I am out of class and my attitude has gotten adjusted by realizing that I am human and need to learn all the steps before I can learn which parts don't apply to a given situation.
In other words paramedic class is teaching me humility! We have started cardiology again and it is just as much of a struggle but now it is a much different struggle in that I am trying to learn the material and recognize my own failings and improve on them instead of blaming the material or the instructor. Now I ask you, how many medics are better medics because they stopped by an old church??

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